Monday, October 09, 2006

Oh, for hacking out loud

I can't believe that I am still sick! All night long with the coughing and the hacking and the sore throat and the drainage. Ugh! I probably averaged about 4 hours of sleep. Not quite enough for someone who is sick. I hate being sick and I hate having asthma, which just extends the whole "being sick" thing.

It is times like this that it is probably better that I'm single (!), just because I know that it is impossible to share a bed when I'm sick like this. Who wants to be kept up all night listening to me hack away? But I do have this question for my readers: if your mate was sick, and you couldn't sleep because of it, would you a) give them a kiss and sleep elsewhere so that they could do their best to get some rest or b) tell them that they should move to the couch so that *you* can sleep? Guess which one my ex would choose? Yeah. Yet another reminder of why I am now better off.

Anyway, so I didn't go to class today, which I really wanted to (for a change) because the lecture was on metadata. Bummer. I think that they are still recording classes, though, so I'll hopefully listen to that later.

And to boot, I woke up to a strange sight. My cat with her head stuck down inside the glass of water that I had on my bedside table. I guess my water tastes better than hers. All you could see were her ears. Entire head. In the plastic glass. I'll add that to my list of reasons why I need a smaller, more portable camera.

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