Monday, February 05, 2007

The Groundhog spoke truthfully

Wow! Tonight is going to be a toasty -5 degrees. That's a whole degree warmer than last night. Spring must be on the way. I'll have to switch out my seasonal wardrobe...

Stupid weather. Why have I lived in the Midwest all my life? Still, it's better than the one Nebraska winter I endured where, with the wind chill, it reached -60 degrees one day. I remember it well because I had to duck into the Goodwill to buy a better scarf. I still have that scarf somewhere.

And the forecast for tomorrow calls for an 80% chance of snow. Hey, as long as it isn't ice, I can handle it.

Off to slide the warmer across the sheets to prepare for bed. I wish.

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Mark said...

I had to wait for the bus in the Chicago 'burbs in 11th grade in -75 temps. It was -20 without the wind.

I'm definitely down for the bitter cold backing off, but I'm kinda stoked about the snow coming.

This being Birthday Month and the Midwest and the middle of winter, I finally resigned myself to the weather of my birth a couple years ago back in Normal. No use fighting winter in the Midwest. Now I just try and enjoy what it brings.

I felt completely ripped off last February cause we got no good winter storms! Put a bad damper on the whole Birthday Month experience last year. :( And seeing as this one is off to a sucky start, I'm wishin' and a hopin' for a massive snow storm! Snow, preferably cause ice and bitter cold sucks, but then it is February in the middle of winter in the Midwest. I'll take what I get and just bundle my skinny little ass up a bit better.