Thursday, February 22, 2007


Finally! Someone (Susie Bright, to be exact) has pointed out that "most librarians are not tight-lipped prudes, they're courageous front-liners on First Amendment issues." Thank you!

In case you haven't been following the story, a librarian at the Sunnyside Elementary School in Durango, Colorado complained that the book "The higher power of Lucky," which contains the word "scrotum" on its first page, wasn't suitable for children and banned it from her library (other school librarians did the same, she's just the one who is foremost in the article). I do wonder if these particular librarians have actual MS degrees in Library Science or are just over-worked teachers who got thrown into running their school's library. It could go both ways; there are plenty of people in my library science program that make me really wonder why they chose to be librarians and whether or not I'd trust them to do a thorough job of collection development. Anyway.

All this, of course, made me try to remember what "pet words" my family came up with for our genitalia. If I remember correctly, a vagina (well, a vulva, actually, but that's a whole 'nother post) was a "boochie" and a penis was a "pee pee." No, I have no idea where that particular vaginal-nomer came from. It sounds like some type of cookie. Not to say that lady parts can't be tasty items.

I'll spare you the interminable list of alternative genitalia names that I've encountered (I worked with kids for many, many years), but I'm wondering; what names did *your* family use? Or were they less shy than mine and actually used the real names?


jenny bento said...

chachi! although it made joanie loves chachi a hilarious idea.

i don't remember what the word for penis was, but i think it was wee wee or pee pee.

karnerblue said...

My family avoided talking about wee-wees, chachis, or whatnot alltogether. Lutheran, ya know.

Brandy said...

I seriously don't remember *any* references. I like "girlparts" and "boyparts" but I don't think that came from my 'rents.