Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Telling Tales

I told my first story to my Storytelling class last night. I kicked ass.

I actually got gasps and satisfied "aha" sounds at the ending, which still makes me do a little pleased wiggle when I think about it. The instructor said that I really "owned the story."

Okay, mustn't let head get too swelled. One bit of constructive criticism that I got (from a former theater student) was that I might want to stand a bit more solidly, especially considering my body type. Apparently, I was standing in third position (or first position, which seems unlikely) the entire time. Makes sense. As a bigger person, I tend to be very aware that I'm taking up "extra space" and I tend to hold myself more closed, in order to feel smaller. Something to consider for next time.

Oh, and I really overestimated what the appropriate age group for the story is. It isn't a scary story, but there is a sudden ending and the plot revolves around a horse and death. I've forgotten my little girl past and didn't remember that bad things happening to furry creatures can be a bit much when one is young. And older, but we tend to be able to handle it better.

So, now I need to choose the next story to tell. I think I might sing the next one. I even have two song-stories to choose between; one is funny and one is creepy. I'm going to practice both and decide later since I have a few weeks.

Oh, what story did I tell last night? If you like, I'll tell it to you....

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Mark said...

Please do!

(I really ought to practice my 2nd one, continually.)