Saturday, February 03, 2007

Talking to tabbies

Well, neither of my cats is a tabby, but I always try for some alliteration.

On Monday I will tell my first of three stories in front of my Storytelling class. I love this class. It's giving me a nice break from my other two classes while feeding my little anthropologist heart. Naturally, I've chosen a Russian folktale. I've been practicing telling it out loud for the past two weeks; in the car, while doing dishes, in the shower. And to my cats. Who are the absolutely worst audience ever.

Misha just looks up for a moment, and then falls back asleep. Is he bored? Or just exhausted from sleeping all day? And Missy talks back constantly. I think she thinks I'm going to feed her. Or she's just very critical of my style. Maybe both.

I think I'm going to have to accost my human friends and make them listen to me. Hopefully they won't be meowing the entire time I'm trying to practice my stories.

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Mark said...

That is a good idea. When I finally broke down and did it, it helped tremendously. :)