Tuesday, February 13, 2007

whoa, again

Aaand...the University is going to be closed tomorrow. Wow. I don't think that's ever happened before. And yes, it is really nasty out. Even this Nebraskan is impressed. I'll take some pics tomorrow. Oh, and my front door, which faces North, unfortunately, leaks badly and gives a really high whistle when the wind blows right. I am seriously considering nailing a rug to hang down over it to keep out the draft.

I have plenty of OJ, oatmeal, and coffee, and a full pantry of dry goods, plus I made bread and boiled some eggs today, so tomorrow's lunch will be yummy egg salad sandwiches and soup. I think that tonight's dinner is just going to be popcorn, though. I already cooked enough today.

I think the catch-up-on-homework gods are smiling upon me. As long as the wireless Internet gods keep a big grin on their faces, I might actually get on top of things. Speaking of procrastination, you may enjoy the following video.

Ze Frank: Pro-Cra

As someone who didn't complete her Museum Informatics class partly because of the lure of learning new technology rather than using what was already in her brain, I can really relate. Back to watching Nova (it's about our cousin-apes, bonobos, which is hilariously appropriate for just before Valentine's day) and pushing papers around on my desk.

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