Monday, February 12, 2007

Weekly Update

In no particular order, this week I:

  • Watched an episode of Lost with a group of people. Definitely an experience I want to repeat.
  • Saw Night at the Museum with Mark. It was cute, but probably would have been more enjoyable if seen when it first came out.
  • Stitched and bitched at Jen's (I'm making a knitted and felted laptop case).
  • Wrote my final project proposal for Advanced Cataloging class.
  • Evaluated a collection of folktales for Storytelling class.
  • Knocked head against wall over (still) incomplete Collection Development class.
  • Tripped badly over own words in discussion section of Libraries, Info and Society class.
  • E-mailed an (ultimately unneeded) explanation of what I was really trying to say. in discussion to a select few friends. Made me feel less tortured over the whole thing, anyway.
  • Reminded myself that I need to get through the class in order to graduate and that I am perfectly capable of doing so without my head exploding from anger and frustration. It isn't *that* bad.
  • Attended my very first Metadata Roundtable. It was very interesting. I think I am a classification geek. I'm on my way, in any case.
  • Amused myself in Metadata Roundtable by observing the gender ratio and physical positioning of the attendees. Yep, definitely still an anthro geek.
  • Followed up on Grad Assistant possibilities for this Fall.
  • Deleted over 200 blogs from my Bloglines account. Breathing a bit more easily now.
  • Created giant pile of unread magazines and catalogs for the cats to play on. Then recycled the pile, which was the ultimate goal.
  • Heavily weeded the pile of (mostly ALA free crap) books I've been hoarding since Summer 2005.
  • Vacuumed the air-intake duct (it was covered in cat hair) that was behind the pile of crap books.
  • Made a decision to work through what is already on my "to read" list, which is in the higher hundreds, instead of grabbing books by browsing. We'll see how long this lasts.
  • Read a couple hundred pages of stuff for school.
  • Investigated alternative classification schemes for the Family Resiliency Center's library.
  • Was fed a lovely Sunday dinner by Richard (thank you). He saved me from eating my default whatever-is-still-in-the-fridge-with-the-possible-addition-of-crackers meal. I need to start cooking healthy food again. Stupid Winter slumps.

...and other stuff that isn't going to make it in this entry. I have too much to write as it is. And now that I've got my fingers warmed up, it's back to that non-blog writing thing.