Tuesday, February 13, 2007


The University Library is closed today due to the weather. Actually, the entire University has closed. It's as if the Universe is closed. We never close! At least, we haven't since 1979 or so. All classes are canceled.

Honestly, it doesn't look all that bad out. But that's the Nebraskan in me talking, plus I was planning on staying home today anyway. I guess everyone who was at the grocery store last night had the right idea. Hey, at least it isn't nearly 12 FEET of snow!

Whenever we get a big snow, I am reminded of the Little House on the Prairie books, especially the one where Pa almost gets lost going between the barn and the house, but is saved by the rope tied between the two. Here's hoping everyone has enough rope. Which is a really strange thing to wish anyone.


Mark said...

Fuck me, Jenn! [not an imperative, btw] Those last 2 lines are freaking hilarious. :) But maybe then that's the depressive in me. ;)

I almost spit milk all over my keyboard and monitor. You continually manage to crack me up.


Jenn/Yana said...

I aim to please (grin).